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The valid period for the Regional Subscription is one month, if you do not turn of f the automatic renewal feature, it will automatically be renewed. I enjoy meeting new people, and the automatic translation (which works 95% of the time) is such a time-saver from using a second app!

Why can’t we enjoy the free service,” while another posted “I don’t really care for phone calls why is everyone bothered!

” The calling feature was welcomed last year when it was made available on users’ devices, even though Whats App had said it would not be available in all countries “due to local laws and regulations.” Many Whats App users complained that the only way to call someone via Whats App is to be connected to the same wi-fi network. It only works if you and recipient are on the same wi-fi, which is stupid,” Indian Careem driver Kheder told Arab News.

Meanwhile, Fatima Ahmed, housewife, successfully received a video call from her husband shortly after reading the viral hashtag on Twitter. Not only a voice call, but we used the video calling feature,” Fatima said.

This chat platform’s visitors are individuals coming from different countries in Europe, America and Canada.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform that connects people to meet and date, thereby initiating new friendships.