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https:// Now we need to checkout both ports and sources using the following commands. ports/UPDATING ports/CHANGES head/UPDATING stable-8/UPDATING stable-9/UPDATING stable-10/UPDATING The code that generates the feeds is available under Free BSD license, you can get it on Git Hub.Read More July 22, 2005 Posted in PHP When something strange happens to a third-party PHP script, I often have no idea where to start to fix the problems.I find PHP code debugging is an effective way even the error message may suggest a system configuration problem.So, I opened Makefile for PHP55: Now, mod_php55 was successfully installed as well as!

I will NOT take any responsibility of end result after following these steps (although I will try to help if you send me your questions/problems).They said its installation should be automatic or "Build Apache module" option needs to be selected, which I did not have such an option any where.Then one thread mentioned something about configuring php conf file.This section provides basic instructions on using the Ports Collection to install or remove software.The detailed description of available make targets and environment variables is available in ports. As of mid 2012, the Free BSD Ports Project has migrated revision control systems from CVS to Subversion.