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Millions have bought them after baulking at the high cost of buying glasses from an optician.However, research suggests they could be putting their eyesight and health at risk.The biggest problem is that the centre point of the two lenses might not be aligned.This means the sight in one eye might be clear while the other is blurred.The paragraph numbers have been added for this edition., a very great additional grievance; and therefore whoever could find out a fair, cheap and easy method of making these Children sound and useful Members of the common-wealth would deserve so well of the publick, as to have his Statue set up for a preserver of the Nation., it is of a much greater extent, and shall take in the whole number of Infants at a certain Age, who are born of Parents in effect as little able to support them, as those who demand our Charity in the Streets.The number of Souls in this Kingdom being usually reckoned one Million and a half, Of these I calculate there may be about two hundred thousand Couple whose Wives are breeders, from which number I Substract thirty Thousand Couples, who are able to maintain their own Children, although I apprehend, but this being granted, there will remain an hundred and seventy thousand Breeders.

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