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I love to hear a good message in church but sometimes I just need to go spend time with the ladies.Nothing makes it better than when we have the honor of listening to a great female Christian speaker.United Marriage Encounter is an international non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening marriages (one man & one woman, legally married).We help couples learn practical, ongoing communication tools over the course of a 48-hour Weekend experience beginning at p.m. The Weekend is based on the Christian faith and we encourage Christ-centered marriage.I have also included information that will help you to find where you can hear these ladies.Kay Arthur’s popular “Inductive Bible Study”, the product of Precept Ministries International, has been available for many years. Her brand is “Positive Mom Positive Life Principles”.

Follow Karol on Twitter @Karolladd Anne was named one of the “five most influential evangelist of her generation” by The New York Times.

It is a practical and exciting approach to studying the Bible. She is unabashed at sharing her life experiences, including the life she led before she met Jesus as Savior. To find out more about Lois and her speaking engagements visit her on the web: Her “Positive Woman Connection” is a women’s Bible study that is generally presented over lunch in a one hour time frame.

She travels the United States on speaking engagements and is booked out at least until the end of 2014. Lois Evans is founder of “Pastor’s Wives Ministry” and she is the wife of popular radio preacher Dr. You can do this either by having a certified teacher lead the study or by video of Karol teaching.

You see, out of the hundreds of questions submitted, I started noticing a theme that actually made me sad.

Question after question, I was hearing from women with similar concerns.

Christian conferences dating couples