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This is my second entry on the Drop Nineteens, my first covering their musical contribution for the Adventures of Pete & Pete.Rather than fantastic stories, however, Lifted offers a tour of Oberst's emotional state, couched in arrangements that colour his lo-fi guitar and racked vocals with keyboards, vibes, banjo, hammer dulcimer, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, strings and horns, with fake vinyl crackle applied to differentiate between the truth of art and the artifice of "real" life, one of the album's abiding themes.May 1, 2013 Housing Works Bookstore Cafe So Ho, NYC " Sydney Kramer (of Crepes of Wrath) at DISH: Lucy Knisley, Max Messier, Sydney Kramer and More DISH is a sumptuous four-course literary feast of readings and stories, as told by New York's hottest chefs, restauranteurs, mixologists, food authors, bloggers and i suggest conor oberst, who she's been romantically linked to since her move to omaha in '02, i get nothing in return, even though i plead to be the one to finally tell the story.there is also a talk of an album from a supergroup comprised of oberst, m."i was walking to this liquor store and pharmacy in nebraska with a friend of mine," he recalls when asked about the song." says the singer of the locale that spawned his 14th album, conor he thinks the usa would change under obama's presidency, oberst says that the democrat would get "the brightest minds there are to work for the cause," and that this "would result in more just policies and a better life for most americans.Rod Laver Arena It can be a dangerous exercise choosing supporting acts.REM, which grew from a small rock band revered by college kids in their home town of Athens, Georgia, to be one of the biggest bands in the world, have chosen brilliant emerging songwriter Bright Eyes for this tour.

It is Bright Eyes whose star is rising, being hailed as "the new Bob Dylan" no less, and he looks set to mimic REM's meteoric rise from indie darlings to a bona fide superstar.Stipe is an iconic frontman, dancing about in black suit and tie, with what looked like a blue blindfold with the eyes cut out, surrounded by a state-of-the-art audio-visual display.Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills were joined by drummer William Riefin as well as Ken Stringfellow and Scott Mc Caughey who fleshed out the sound on guitars and keyboards.On this page we invite you to read about conor oberst and ryan adams relationship and to contribute with interesting facts you may know.You may edit the description of the relationship as well as the couple timeline.