Dating when caregiving

While introducing your boyfriend or girlfriend is often stressful enough, add to the fact that your parent may be suffering from dementia, or have become argumentative and controlling in their current state, and the stress level of introductions may skyrocket.If you feel as though the person you are dating is someone who you want to invite into your life, and you have decided to introduce him or her to your parents, it might be wise to educate your date on your loved one’s condition before the rendezvous.Every day women and men across generations and the socio-economic landscape are faced with the difficult decisions and responsibilities inherent in the daily care of a sick or aging loved one.Caring for aging parents is a much talked about concern among adult children, but whether one is caring for a parent, a spouse, or a seriously ill or disabled child, the silent burden of the caregiver is the same. In the midst of the extreme stress and myriad responsibilities of caring for a loved one, family caregivers are coping with one of life's most difficult emotions, that of grief and loss.

Introducing Your Significant Other to Your Parents If your parent lives with you in your home, sooner or later, you will have to introduce your significant other to your mom or dad.This is why they end up in bad or even abusive relationships.Most of the time caregivers don’t even realize how much pain they have caused them self in their choices.It had to be a cruel joke, this sudden thrust of total responsibility for another’s care and feeding.Far different than suddenly being sent home with a new baby to cuddle, the people we came home from hospitals with were ill, sullen, demanding, and messy. Surely the—fill in the blank here with universe, God, government, hospital, the good people at State Farm—will not allow this sorry condition to continue.” So, at the beginning, we fulfilled our given roles as caregivers as cheerfully as we could, convinced it would be temporary. Like those castaways on Gilligan’s Island, we lived in hope. We got some help from friends and neighbors, people at work or at church.