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Three men were sent to prison for the murder, and two remain on death row.

Dunn, two days after his 18th birthday, became the head of his family and raised his siblings.

There's been a lot going on between Alissa Violet and Jake Paul lately.

Now, we've finally got the real story – or her side of it at least.

Sims runs a non-profit organization that hosts beauty pageants for children with cancer and other disadvantages called the "Pageant of Hope".

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After his playing career, Dunn took a minority stake in the Falcons' ownership group led by Arthur Blank.

Archaeological evidence has revealed that the outcrop was first occupied at around 300 BC, with inhabitation through to the fourth through fifth centuries AD when further fortifications were constructed (Lane and Campbell 2000a and 2000b), and was defended until at least the eighth century. However, the location of the fortification at Dun Add [National Grid Reference (NGR): NR 836 935] presents a conundrum.

Alcock and Alcock (1990) argue that early fortifications were generally constructed in immediate proximity to navigable waters, but Dun Add is presently remote from the sea.

At Catholic High in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dunn played quarterback, cornerback, and running back.

During his sophomore year, he helped lead Catholic High to the state 4A championship game for the first time in its history.