Google plus dating commercial

While it's a bit annoying way to get back functionality, there's really not much to it.I also tested it by letting the app update from the Play Store, then changing my profile pic in g and it updated in android. Google 9.5.x APKMirror Link Originally Posted by danger355 This fixed worked 100% for me.Google has now released this ad capability to any advertiser with a minimum of 1000 Google followers.

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Unfortunately, this capability it not yet open to everyone.

The service was launched in 2011, but has struggled to find regular users with many mocking the service for remaining largely dormant.

The company hasn’t made any announcement on the future of the Google brand.

I have been a You Tuber for 3 years and this is the kind of treatment we "originals" [Before any of the G crap came in] receive for refusing to show our name publicly? [Nathan S, UK] I have been asked to change my name for the 9th time now.

Google I do NOT wish to use my real name on Youtube, because of a little thing called PRIVACY and another one called SAFETY.