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Ring in 2016 with one of these unique (but affordable) dates.

There's no need to spend a fortune on New Year's Eve.

Spend the night eating, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. If you want to do something different for a New Year's Eve date, then you can try something new, like ice skating, go-carting or bowling. You can take a stroll on your feet in your favorite place in the city, eat street food and enjoy fireworks by midnight! Prepare some finger food, and plan a road trip to your favorite place far away from the city, to enjoy New Year’s Eve in an adventurous way. For married couples, leave the kids at your parents’ house, and book a hotel room! Have dinner at high skyscraper restaurant, to watch the whole city at night and watch the fireworks from a higher perspective! Go for a midnight romantic boat ride in the river, and don’t forget to bring a snack and a blanket to enjoy the moonlight.

Many couples plan to spend this special night together, celebrating in their own way. This New Year’s Eve date idea is quite basic, but we totally think it's the most romantic one for married couples. Explore it all in our Love & Relationships section. Smart Tips and Tricks to Make Your Man Do What You Want!This involves a little planning with friends and neighbors, but is well worth it for the fun factor.Find between three to five welcoming friends in close living proximity of each other who are willing to host a group for a part of the evening.Here are a few New Year’s Eve date suggestions that range from rustic to dazzling to romantic.1.Neighborhood Progressive Party One of my favorite New Year’s evenings was spent romping through my neighborhood at a progressive New Year’s Party.