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When you define a Dreamweaver site, the files within your site are displayed. Transfers a copy of the file from the remote server to your local site (overwriting the existing local copy of the file, if any) and marks the file as checked out on the server.

The Files panel also includes a button - Define servers, which is a prompt to start defining connections to remote and testing servers. This option is not available if Enable File Check In and Check Out is disabled for the current site.

But you do have to be willing to accept the consequences if you get it wrong.

I could not set the new origin by editing .git/config.

You can use the FTP view to view files and folders, check whether they are associated with a Dreamweaver site or not, and perform standard file maintenance operations, such as opening and moving files. By default, Dreamweaver disconnects from the remote site if it has been idle for more than 30 minutes (FTP only).

The Files panel also helps you manage and transfer files to and from a remote server. To change the time limit, select Edit Copies the selected files from the remote site to your local site (overwriting the existing local copy of the file, if any).

In most cases this method is all that you need in order to remotely update your Hosts from the Viewer.

For an advanced update that involves updating Host settings, please refer to Method 3 below.

You can toggle between the FTP View and the Git View in Files panel, to manage the files using an FTP server or Git repositories.

After you set up a site in Dreamweaver, you can use the Files panel in the following ways: At its simplest, the Files panel displays a list of only the local files in your computer. If Enable File Check In And Check Out is enabled, the local copies are read-only; the files remain available on the remote site for other team members to check out.

As you work more with the Files panel - setting up a site, setting up connections to remote servers, enabling check in and check out, more options appear in the Files panel. If Enable File Check In and Check Out is disabled, the file copies have both read and write privileges.

I would like to know if I can change the URI of "origin" in the settings of "local" so it will now pull from the NAS, and not from the USB key.

For now, I can see two solutions: I had to do this on an old version of git ( and the set-url option did not exist.